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Qualis: a label with class. Obtained by only 50 NVM real estate agents across the country, who have earned their stripes in negotiating property sales in the middle and upper market segments. A select group of real estate agents with an excellent reputation and a strong market position. Qualis NVM real estate agents use a shared, active marketing strategy in brokerage services in a sale. This synergy of joined forces benefits our clients as they have access to the entire network of Qualis real estate agents. The Qualis label has been granted exclusively to real estate agents who value quality the way it should be.

In the current housing market, the sale of your home requires a carefully crafted sales strategy. In the middle and higher segments, more is needed than just an ad on Funda to optimize results. The target group for these homes is usually pretty sure of their wishes and requirements. They are not looking for a new home but are generally open to taking a new step on the housing ladder. These potential buyers do not actively browse the housing supply on the internet. Qualis NVM real estate agents would like to draw the attention of these dormant buyers. This forms an indispensable part of the sales strategy! Thanks to this active approach, your home is also viewed by more people on Funda!

Luxury Real Estate luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate is an organization operating at the high-end real estate sector with over 3,800 independent offices in over 200 countries and a joint website: www.LuxuryRealEstate.com. The organization was founded in 1995 and has grown into the world’s largest organization with the most properties worth $1 million (USD) or more. The organization is recognized and highly valued and has been awarded a number of prestigious industry awards, including top real estate website by The Wall Street Journal, Street REALTrends and the National Association of Realtors. It has also been honoured by The International Property Awards, Inman News, The New York Times and Forbes. Luxury Real Estate is more than just a joint website. The organization also shines the spotlight on the real estate on offer via printed media in international airports, at newsstands and through the mailing lists of the CEOs of international organizations and companies.

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