A cool new city neighbourhood, close to Amsterdam centre and the vibrant district of Amsterdam Oost: Oostenburg is set to become an attractive and varied island! Despite this, the island’s robust industrial signature will be maintained. As part of the ‘Stadswerf Oostenburg’ project, approximately 450 new homes, featuring a mixture of owner-occupied and rental properties and some extraordinary business accommodations, are being built. Architects’ firms Paul de Ruiter Architecten, Ronald Janssen Architecten and Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten are the brains behind the beautiful design. It reflects the island feeling and the contrast between water and land, while preserving its rugged and vibrant character. Thanks to the varying building heights, the robust, natural materials and structures of the buildings, Stadswerf Oostenburg will become a unique and cool living and working environment, typical of Amsterdam. Stadswerf Oostenburg is an SOO development, a partnership between Steenwell and VORM Ontwikkeling. This project is at the preparation stage. The owner-occupied apartments are expected to be sold starting in the fourth quarter of 2018. If you would like to receive updates on this project, please make your interest known using the form below. We hope to be able to meet you at our offices very soon.