Amsterdam offers owner-occupied housing in various price ranges. The wide range of available options means that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Are you looking to buy a home? Look no further - we are ready and waiting to give you all the advice and expert guidance you need. Buying a new home in Amsterdam is a special occasion. Most people only move a few times in their lives and for many this represents an exciting new adventure. Becoming a home owner usually involves one of the biggest financial transactions in a person’s life. To us at Ramón Mossel Real Estate, this comes with a huge responsibility that goes to the very heart of the core values of the real estate business. In a thriving international hub like Amsterdam, buyers need all the help they can get. The support we offer consists of a wide range of services and is based on a long-term relationship. We would be thrilled to meet you in person to discuss the options available. Please feel free to take a look at our range of owner-occupied housing currently on the market in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

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Rental price € 4.600 per month
Asking price € 1.295.000 k.k.
Asking price € 400.000 k.k.
under option
Asking price € 1.485.000 k.k.
Asking price € 3.600.000 k.k.
Rental price excluding € 2.450 per month
Asking price € 950.000 k.k.
Amount € 440.000 v.o.n.
Amount € 1.150.000 v.o.n.
Amount € 440.000 v.o.n.
Asking price € 37.500 k.k.
Rental price € 1.550 per month
Asking price € 725.000 k.k.
Asking price € 850.000 k.k.
Asking price € 850.000 k.k.
sold conditionally
Asking price € 200.000 k.k.
? .